Israel's Prime Locations

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Bat Yam – Israel’s New Riviera

Bat Yam, Israel's "new Riviera" (image © nezek)

As the Tel Aviv-Jaffa metropolis has grown, it has embraced the town of Bat Yam, located on the Mediterranean coast just south of Jaffa, transforming it into an affordable extension of Tel Aviv. Bat Yam has undergone a dramatic urban renewal project, putting it on the map as an exciting new coastal resort for tourists…

Israel’s Hottest City: Be’er Sheva

Artist's conception of the ATP in Beer Sheva (image: Ben-Gurion University)

Once a dusty biblical town, Be’er Sheva is today Israel’s most exciting renaissance city. Since the Israeli government announced their decision to relocate 10 major IDF facilities to the area in 2005, Be’er Sheva has been transformed into a magnet for real estate investment. Tens of thousands of highly educated and motivated Russians who were…